Donors for Scholarship Fund

Currently, some friends and myself are developing our own organization. It is a scholarship fund and our target is African American males who are matriculating from high school to college. The tradition of communication this would fall under would definitely be empowerment. Often times, it is difficult for African American families to send their child to school because they don’t have the funding. Our goal is to assist with that journey. Our aim is to promote the growth of young African American males through mentorship, academic support, and service learning and to empower our future leaders.

Under the Waisbord’s “family tree” of development perspectives, social marketing will best fit the theme of my organization. Market segmentation is very important with the social marketing strategy and our target audience is very specific so it will be easy to expand. The idea of having a scholarship fund for young black males is socially relevant, considering the great amount of media, political, and social attention that is directed to the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Waisbord, the exchange model is embedded within the social marketing development communication strategy. Our hope is for voluntary exchanges through donors for the scholarship fund. The main development need for the project is donors. In order to raise money and gain donors for the fund, candidates for the scholarship could compete in an oratorical contest. This way, they could showcase their talent and donors would get an opportunity to see the very important cause their money is going to.

The concept here is to network and bring possible donors together for the fund and to showcase the purpose of what the scholarship is about. Since it is still in its start-up stage, it will also raise awareness of the scholarship. This will be done through our social media Facebook, Twitter, and our webpage. We will also team up with other notable NGO’s in the area related to education to get the word out about our scholarship fund.

Our hope for the future is to create an exchange program where we can send students overseas during the summer to gain cross-cultural experiences through foreign language or STEM programs.



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